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At Ubereness, we commit ourselves to provide every Nigerian individual and household only the best quality products at the most affordable price.

Ubereness manufacture, trades, and distribute confectionery, powder milk, flavored milk, tea, and tea drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.


Our flavorful products

discover ubereness

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and offer only the best quality and highest value to consumers, trade partners, employees and other stakeholders

discover ubereness

Our Vision

At Ubereness, we strive to create the ultimate confectionery and beverage experience for our customers.

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Fun Facts

  • Milkquick candy is a fun and addictive candy that comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, banana,  and chocolate.

  • Milkquick candy is named after its key ingredient, milk, which gives it a creamy texture and flavor.

  • Milkquick banana-flavoured Soft Candy is a unique and tasty treat that combines the classic flavor of bananas with the creamy texture of milk.

  • Topo peanut snack is a perfect size for snacking on the go, making it a great option for busy individuals who are always on the move.

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